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Upcoming 2025 Food Trends

We saw some pretty interesting food trends in 2024, and while some trends we absolutely loved, there were others that we’re hoping we’ll never see or hear of again. But, what’s in store for 2025? The upcoming 2024 food trends that we’ve compiled are based on what is being offered in restaurants and grocery stores. So, here’s a first look at what we think you’re going to be enjoying and instagramming this year!

Breakfast Is King

Our first meal of the day is the most important meal of the day. Whether you choose to consume breakfast on-the-go as a smoothie, breakfast sandwich or a delicious protein bar, or if you prefer a full meal at home before you hit the road, you’ll notice that food companies are offering more healthy breakfast options to really make your first meal of the day count. Look for delicious and filling options like paleo pancake mix, natural oats, cereal with added probiotics and more. 

Coastal Flavors

Think about how adventurous your palate is when you are on vacation. Tropical destinations and coastal flavors are inspiring 2024 food trends and we’re sure to see more creative seafood options and more vibrant tropical fruits making their way into our diets. Smoothie bowls are already extremely popular but think about the variety you can enjoy with tropical fruits like guava, dragon fruit and passion fruit. 


With the rise of kombucha, kimchi and pickled snacks, we’re sure to see an even bigger push on probiotics this year. Apart from yogurt, it’s going to get easier to find your probiotics with pantry staples like nut butters, granola, cereal and nutritional bars. While it’s not something you can consume, we’ve also seen some brands including probiotics in all-natural cleaning supplies and even beauty necessities like sunscreen. 

High Protein, Low Carb

Health crazes like the keto diet have encouraged many people to focus on consuming plenty of lean proteins and less carbs. Due to this trend certain fats are making a comeback into our diets, and when consumed in moderation, they are actually very good for you. This includes healthy fats like avocado, olive oil, nuts and certain nutrition bars. 

Vegan Revolution

Being vegan is no longer considered to be a joke, and it’s not difficult to sustain either. A few years ago, if you were trying to eat vegan your options would be extremely limited. But in 2024, as people are increasingly more educated and health conscious, you will be able to easily locate tasty and animal-friendly food options. In fact, you will also see numerous new all-vegan restaurants and popping up and vegan food options will be more easily accessible. 

Spice Up Your Life

A good blend of spices can turn any boring dish into an exciting experience for your taste buds. Traditional Italian seasoning like basil and oregano are a staple for sauces and pizzas, while turmeric and ginger add zest and a healthy dose of antioxidants to smoothies, teas, chicken dishes and more. Za’atar, a popular spice mix from the middle east is also popping up more in restaurants across the country. The blend features salt, ground sesame seeds, thyme, oregano and sumac – you can put it on baked chicken, a piece of buttered toast or on top of grain bowls.

Sea Snacks

You have surely snacked on dried seaweed at some point – it’s a very healthy and popular salty snack that is both satisfying and addicting. There are more marine inspired snacks popping up like salmon skins, kelp jerky and kelp noodles. Healthy sea snacks are packed with omega 3s and additional superfood properties that will eliminate the guilt that is usually associated with the munchies. 

Stay FreshFruits and veggies are no stranger to our daily eating habits, but more than ever we will look for fresh, organic options. The reality is that people are also more accepting of produce that may be visually imperfect but is just as delicious and nutritious as fruits and vegetables that are perfect in shape, color and size. Additionally, vegetables are no longer going to be considered as side dishes, there are some incredibly creative and satisfying recipes that are veggie-centric. 

We’re all about experimenting with spices and fresh flavors, so we can’t wait to incorporate these unique 2024

food trends in our recipes and catering menus. With every passing year we see food enthusiasts becoming more health-conscious, adventurous and open to trying new things. We offer full catering services, as well as our Lunch Box program that provides chef inspired lunches for corporate events. Contact us to inquire about our schedule or learn more about our culinary creations. 


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